There are times you want the benefit of a consultant, but don't want to bring consultants in. Why? It's the usual suspects:
  • Too much time required by everyone involved
  • Too much money spent without a guarantee of adequate and ongoing return
  • Too much organizational disruption before, during and after the consultants leave.
So, what are your options? Until now, you didn't have any. Now you do.

leadershipquantified™ provides immediately implementable, self-directed, self-managed, measurable and replicable online consulting resources written by world class experts. Each resource provides the step-wise solutions you need - all implemented by you and your people. No consultants required.

The resources are written by a hand-picked group of executives and consultants, each personally invited by Founder-CEO Leslie L. Kossoff to provide their content-specific expertise. 

Representing combined corporate and government experience of over 200 years working with enterprises ranging from Apple to the United Nations, the lq Experts provide the expertise, tools and methods that have brought them, their organizations and their clients success.

There are four categories of leadershipquantified™ online resources to suit your and your employees' immediate and ongoing needs. They are:
  1. IWIN (I Want It Now): Short, targeted, topic-specific information resources for when you need to know and
  2. Assessments: When you need to know the right questions to ask and, based on the answers, how to achieve the results you want.
  3. Working Papers™: Organization-wide transformative initiatives in 5 to 7 steps.
  4. For Individuals, SMBs and Entrepreneurs: The Working Papers™ customized for individual implementation and employee training, development and results.