Success - Organizational, Individual and Societal - Requires a New Corporate / Social Contract…

A contract based on commitment, collaboration and shared goals at every level. A contract that means giving - and getting - more than we’ve seen in years. Decades, in fact. A contract where “win-win” isn’t just a pretty words expression. It’s an actuality that everyone sees… and appreciates…and then, contributes more. Because it’s not just you and your organization that win. Society wins, too. Measurably.

LeadershipQuantified gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals - for yourself, your organization and your society. Measurably. 


Whether you're a small business, a multi-national or an individual working on your career development - or side hustle - the LeadershipQuantified Resources get you the measurable results you're looking for. Now.


 Self-Managed. Self-Directed. Immediately Implementable. Measurable. Repeatable. The proprietary LeadershipQuantified Resource design provides actionable and measurable results in five to seven steps - all on your screen. Always.


 LeadershipQuantified works exclusively with Universities, Trade Organizations, Non- and Not-for-Profit Organizations worldwide - helping them by providing passive income as they help their constituents achieve their goals.

Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials: The New Recruitment, Hiring and Retention Currency


It's a crowded world out there - which makes it hard for individuals and organizations to separate themselves from the rest...especially when you are or are looking for the best. Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials make you shine brighter than your competition.

LeadershipQuantified works with our Partners to enhance or establish their Digital Badge and Micro-Credential programs, providing them with our deep, extensive background in making Digital Badge and Micro-Credential initiatives easy to implement and manage, inexpensive and a success.

That's a big win for our Partners, their constituents and the Resource recipients all at the same time - because at LeadershipQuantified, we believe in big wins for everyone.


At LeadershipQuantified, we want you to do more than succeed. We want you to soar.

One of the ways we show that commitment is by giving you access to the quality, caliber and sheer volume of actionable, implementation-based information we can provide and is so rarely available - at no fee.

In addition to the LeadershipQuantified Resources, you have access to…

  • Targeted, implementation-based solutions for Executives, Managers and Business Owners through our monthly XMO White Papers

  • Developmental, innovation-building, problem-solving information and guidance to employees - and savvy HR Directors - through our active, engaging LeadershipQuantified Community

  • An ever-growing library of articles, videos, links and other resources written or recommended by the LeadershipQuantified Experts for development at every level at #LQ4U

  • A monthly compendium of everything above and more - about our Partners, Resources and Success Stories - through our LQ Edition Newsletter

…all at no fee. It’s world-class consulting with no consultants required.

From Local Start-Ups to Global Fortune 50s...


...the LeadershipQuantified Experts deliver success to their clients and organizations by bringing their expertise, tools and methods - representing over two hundred years combined experience and billions of dollars positively impacted - every day.

The companies shown here are just a few examples of those organizations.