You know you need the best talent for your organization’s success. LeadershipQuantified Resources make them want you.

We want our corporate clients - no matter the industry, sector or geographic location - to attract, recruit and retain the best talent possible. How? By differentiating themselves from their corporate competitors with a developmental value proposition that is individualized to each person in the enterprise - no matter what their level.

With that in mind, we provide you with:

  • Demonstrated Responsiveness to each of your employee’s performance evaluations and annual goals through Individualized Resource combinations

  • Demonstrated Commitment to each employee’s success through Digital Badges and Micro-Credential awards by our University Partners

  • Expanded Reputation as a Talent Leader through Co-Branding on LeadershipQuantified Resources, Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials

  • Added Talent Support through the “walled off” area specific to your company in the LeadershipQuantified Community where your employees can discuss their progress, share experiences and help solve each other’s problems - all moderated by and with contributed from the LeadershipQuantified Experts

  • Measurement-Based Insight from the Analytics and Trend Analyses we provide showing you where your employees and culture are today - so that you can take your organization anywhere you want it to go. Measurably.

“Smaller” Enterprises. Giant Achievements.

When all is said and done, large organizations look to their SME counterparts for all the energy, innovation and nimbleness that they lack. Why else would there be so much M&A activity worldwide?

It’s up to you, however, to decide just how big a playing field you want…because size really doesn’t matter. Execution does.

The LeadershipQuantified SME SERIES is specifically designed to help small and medium-sized business owners increase productivity, generate new revenues, open new markets and, simply, create and receive more success from their people than they ever dreamed.

The SME SERIES includes Coaching and Mentoring Series, IWIN and Assessment Series Resources custom-designed for the SME market.