You know you need the best talent for your organization’s success. LeadershipQuantified Resources make them want you.

Ask any highly-prized talent or successful talent recruiter and they’ll tell you:

Unless your organization demonstrates in a visible, ongoing manner that you are as dedicated to your employees’ success as they are to their own, you’re not on their radar…and you’re not going to be.

Whether in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) or Global Players, across industries, sectors and locations, Resource recipients immediately add measurable new value - in time, money and innovation - to their organizations.

LeadershipQuantified Resources - customized to immediately and simultaneously address your organization’s needs and branded to remind your employees of your commitment to them - ensure that the talent you need knows you’re on their side. And staying there.

 No “cookie cutter” approaches. No “flavors of the month.” Not “lost in the crowd.” The LeadershipQuantified customized, co-branded Resources make you shine brighter than the rest.

We know how important it is that you show your employees how important their development is to you.

  • For your employees: They don’t want the same-old, same-old. They don’t want to sit in classes having to listen to content that doesn't make any difference to them, losing hours in the process…knowing that when they get back to their “real” work, they’ll be further behind and more frustrated than ever. They want a win.

  • For your organization: You want targeted, measurable results. You want implementation of what’s being learned - not just pretty words. You want development that means something to the employees and to the organization. You want a win.

That’s why the LeadershipQuantified Self-Managed, Self-Directed, Immediately Implementable, Measurable and Repeatable Resources work for you, your employees and your organization.

We work with you to create a targeted, customized, individualized Resource strategy that gives you the results you want. Immediately. We also create a dedicated, fire-walled area in our Community for your employees to discuss their learning and share new ideas.

At the same time, we work with our University Partners to deliver co-branded Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials that have deep meaning to your employees.

You want a win. LeadershipQuantified gives you a multi-level, multi-faceted one.

“Smaller” Enterprises. Giant Achievements.

When all is said and done, large organizations look to their SME counterparts for all the energy, innovation and nimbleness that they lack. Why else would there be so much M&A activity worldwide?

It’s up to you, however, to decide just how big a playing field you want…because size really doesn’t matter. Execution does.

The LeadershipQuantified SME SERIES is specifically designed to help small and medium-sized business owners increase productivity, generate new revenues, open new markets and, simply, create and receive more success from their people than they ever dreamed.

The SME SERIES includes Coaching and Mentoring Series, IWIN and Assessment Series Resources custom-designed for the SME market.