American Dream

LeadershipQuantified - The Personal Origin Story

by Leslie L. Kossoff

There’s one other piece to the LeadershipQuantified Origin Story that’s even more important than my own story. 

It’s my father’s story.

Dad was an entrepreneur and investor. He was the epitome of the American Dream.

Dad, his mom and siblings immigrated from Russia - walking across Europe to sail the Atlantic in steerage to get to the land where the streets were “paved with gold.” America. 

He was seven.

By the time he was ten, with his father having died years before, Dad was working to support his family by delivering illegal liquor during Prohibition to speak-easies in his New York City neighborhood. As a teenager, still supporting his family, he got out of that racket and became a soda jerk - a job I’m not even sure exists today.

After high school, he and his family moved to Los Angeles, where, by the time he was in his early 20s, he owned a liquor store. 

But that wasn’t enough. Expanding his retail activities, he eventually owned or was a partner in three locations. He became the President of both the California and National Retail Liquor Dealers’ Associations and was an active political activist on behalf of small business owners in California and across the United States.

During that time, he also became involved with others who he believed he could trust because they had greater education and broader experience in the various realms in which he was becoming involved - both as entrepreneur and investor. 

What he didn’t realize - because there was no way he could have known - was that those supposedly “trusted advisors” had other agendas in mind...agendas that served their purposes and didn’t care about his at all.

The result was that, when he died at 47, his last words and thoughts were about the mistakes he had made in trusting those others. That, now that he had learned his lesson, he was going to focus on the people he knew he could trust. 

He never had the chance.

I learned from Dad’s experience - both in becoming an ethical, trusted executive advisor and in ensuring that the clients I supported always knew they could trust me with their goals, their dreams and their organizations.

My Dad didn’t have what I, as an advisor, or LeadershipQuantified, the company I founded, provides. He didn’t have professional people on his side.

My goal is to make sure that no one else goes through what my Dad did, simply because they don’t have access to honest and trustworthy coaching and consulting.

Leadership Quantified is my means of ensuring that not just business executives and owners, but every employee in every organization of any size in any sector worldwide, can access the treasures that already exist within themselves and in their enterprises. 

LeadershipQuantified is my way of giving each of you the processes by which you, yourself, can create your own, your organization’s and your people’s success - and know that you can trust the lead-up to and results of your work. Without harming anyone along the way or afterward.

I think Dad would be proud of my advisory career and of what I’ve created with LeadershipQuantified.

I know that I am and my gratitude to those who have helped and supported me along the way knows no bounds.

The LeadershipQuantified mission is:

Everyone deserves a satisfying and productive work life.

Our purpose - our existence - is to help you achieve that mission. Because you deserve it.