Bobby Ocean

branding / social / sales and marketing

Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, Bobby Ocean, has been lauded throughout his career for his contribution to creating a sound, feel - and profits - for his work in radio.

Writer, Narrator, Audio/Video Producer and Story Teller, Bobby Ocean is known worldwide as “The Voice You Know, The Way You Like It” because, for decades, companies including Toyota, Isuzu, Coca Cola, and commercial broadcast radio stations across the United States - from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Miami and Boston - have turned to Bobby to create a “voice” for their brands that the customers will remember. 

And the customers do.

Having begun in the visual arts as a cartoonist for Top 30 music surveys, Bobby extended his image creation activities through voice work – eventually becoming one of the most well-known and successful DJs in the United States.  From there, he has expanded his voice and content production work into the world of satellite and online streaming venues.

Throughout that time, Bobby has written, voiced and produced compelling online tactical and initiative marketing campaigns for his clients that consistently convert to sales.

Now, as a natural extension of his marketing and branding activities, Bobby extends his expertise to generating immediate conversion in the social space.  Known for creating brand strategies that simultaneously inform and inspire known and desired target audiences, Bobby's proprietary relation-based brand expansion methodology builds brand-based communities focused on active participation and engagement between the customers and the brands.