It isn’t enough any longer to have a good resume. Or even a great one. You have to have more. You have to be more. It’s time to


Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials show that you soar above the rest. You stand out. You show just how good you are.

No “steep learning curves” for you. You hit the ground running - because you can. Immediately and measurably.

And if you’re an employer, providing LeadershipQuantified Resources with Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials attached do more than ensure the competencies and results you’re looking for.

You get the differentiation you need to recruit and retain the talent you want. You


LeadershipQuantified Resources are reviewed and assessed for their rigor, clarity, competencies and efficacy by our partner, The College of Professional and International Education at California State University, Long Beach.

Upon successful completion of each Resource, a Digital Badge or Micro-Credential is awarded by the University. This mobile, visible credibility bona fide provides detail of the competencies achieved and which can be immediately applied. Measurably.

What are you waiting for?