Leslie L. Kossoff, Founder

Strategy / Turnaround / Productivity / Lean / Women in Business

Internationally renowned confidential coach and advisor to executives, Boards, business owners and entrepreneurs, Founder Leslie L. Kossoff has been cited by About.com as “one of the most intelligent and perceptive voices on executive and managerial leadership today.” Her clients range from Fortune 50s to start-ups in a broad range of industries and sectors in the United States, Asia and Europe. (Read more...)

Bobby Ocean

Branding / social

Writer, Narrator, Audio/Video Producer Story Teller - and Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame Inductee - Bobby Ocean is known worldwide as “The voice you know, the way you like it” because, for decades, companies including Toyota, Isuzu, Coca Cola, and commercial broadcast radio stations across the United States have turned to Bobby to create a “voice” for their brands that the customers will remember. (Read more...)

Jonathan Wright

Social / PR / Marketing

Jonathan Wright is the Director of Digital and Jonathan Wright is the Director of Digital and Media Relations at The Hollenbeck Group and Founder and Editorial Director of Meet the Influencers™. He made his initial mark in the global beauty and fashion centers, New York City and Miami, with clients including L’Oreal, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. At the same time, he saw the technology sector opportunities to come in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley - and acted upon them. (Read more...)

Penni Wells

Customer Interaction

With over 25 years experience in the strategy, development, execution and measurement of corporate training and certification initiatives, Penni Wells has brought her proprietary 360° Customer Experience methodology to clients ranging from The Boeing Company, Steelcase Corporation, Caliber Collision and CalTrans to the Center for International Trade and Transportation Southern California Edison, POC and the Gateway Cities Partnership. (Read more...)

Ricardo Flores-Clar

Applied Leadership

Known for his results focusing on "leading from the inside out," Ricardo Flores-Clar is the former Vice President for Global Expansion at Xenex, Executive Vice President at Global Alliance & Seating and TheScooterStore™, held a variety of leadership positions at Sony Semiconductor and is currently Senior Process Excellence Process Engineer with USAA. (Read more...)


Richard R. Douglas

Coaching / Applied Leadership

Former Superintendent of Schools for the Montecito Union School District and Beverly Hills Unified School District, Richard Douglas now acts as a turnaround expert for school districts in distress. He has previously served as President of Schools for Sound Finance, Chair of the Santa Barbara Joint Powers Authority (JPA) Board, President of the Tri-County Education Coalition and President of the Rotary Club of Montecito. (Read more...)

Dr. Leon Lessinger

Culture / Learning and Development / philosophy of leadership

In his long and varied career, Leon Lessinger served in the Army Special Engineers Division for the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, was selected by President Lyndon B. Johnson as Associate United States Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education, held three endowed chairs and was Dean of the College of Education at the University of South Carolina. He currently writes the "Conferred Wisdom" blog. (Read more...)