Executives. Educators. Coaches. Consultants…

…the LeadershipQuantified Experts - each one personally invited by Founder, Leslie L. Kossoff - represent over two hundred years combined experience and billions of dollars positively impacted in organizations ranging from local start-ups to global Fortune 50s, across sectors, industries and continents.

Each Expert, a success in his or her own field, now brings you the same turn-around, build, expansion, improvement, new strategy - and more - that they deliver to their clients and organizations every day, all around the world.

Leslie L. Kossoff, Founder / CEO

Strategy and Turnaround / Women in Business / Quality and Lean

Jonathan Wright

Social / PR / Sales and Marketing / Productivity / Branding

Penni Wells

Customer Service / Culture and Collaboration

Ricardo Flores-Clar

Applied Leadership / Quality and Lean

Ricardo Flores-Clar is the Director of Business Strategy and Planning for USAA - a diversified financial services organization with over $155BN in assets. A former Executive Vice President at Global Alliance & Seating and TheScooterStore™, Ricardo has held a variety of leadership positions at Sony Semiconductor, Xenex and other organizations. He is known for his results by "leading from the inside out.”

Richard R. Douglas

Coaching / Applied Leadership

Bobby Ocean

Branding / Social / Sales and Marketing

Dr. Leon Lessinger

Philosophy of Leadership

In his long and varied career, Leon Lessinger served in the Army Special Engineers Division for the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, was selected by President Lyndon B. Johnson as Associate United States Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education, held three endowed chairs and was Dean of the College of Education at the University of South Carolina. He worked closely with Edward de Bono to bring a new view of thinking to education and is known as the “Father of Accountability.”