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When I look at the file of my final resume given to the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, as I became the holder of the Robinson Chair set up to Frederick Shultz - a former Associate Director of the Federal Reserve - a title for it forms in my mind for an educator: "Outlandish But True."

How else to grasp in a sentence such a variety of employment and life experiences as the list that follows:

  • Machinist
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Military Service including the Army's Special Engineer Detachment on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos
  • Public School Teacher of Mathematics
  • University Professor
  • Chief Research Consultant for the California Legislative Study of the Gifted
  • School Principal
  • Superintendent of three school districts in California - from Silicon Valley to Beverly Hills
  • Selected by President Lyndon B. Johnson as Associate United States Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education in the United States Department of Education in Washington, D.C.
  • Holder of three endowed chairs - the University of Southern California, Georgia State University in Atlanta, University of North Florida
  • Dean of the College of Education of the University of South Carolina
  • Clinical Professor of Medicine selected by the UCLA Medical Faculty.
  • Now, early in my ninth decade, I see a pattern of ideas and insights that have emerged from so many seminal experiences that have given me a kind of Seminal Wisdom to share on this blog to help people make better life choices. It all takes place "In that Space..." between stimulus and response - which is our special human "gift" of our neural potential for mindfulness

There is so much wisdom available in the world that can be harvested and shared in a variety of forms - all of which lead to the truism and celebratory understanding that...

In the process lies the treasure.

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