You don't have time but you need results - now - without leaving your desk or screen and at a reasonable price. 

LeadershipQuantified is your solution.

Never leave your desk or screen. See a positive, measurable difference - immediately. Receive hints, tips and guidance along the way. Use the Resource again - and again - whenever you're ready to move higher, faster and further.

Whether the goal is to...

  • Visibly increase leadership, executive and entrepreneurial skills and capabilities

  • Assess what's going on - or going wrong - individually or organizationally

  • Develop and execute using critical thinking skills

  • Build relationships inside and outside the enterprise, or

  • Become a 'brand-recognized' influencer in and out of the organization...and more...

...the LeadershipQuantified Resources take you step-by-step through our developmental, results-driven, measurable coaching and mentoring process that shows results every step of the way.

Unlike standard 'online training,' our proprietary methodology - which includes 7 to 9+ contact points as you progress through each Resource - gives you the active experience of working with a world-class expert coach who's on your side, helping you to achieve your goals...your way. All in five to seven steps.

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In the Pipeline...

the iwin (I want it now) series

IWIN provides you the decision-based, actionable information you need - now - delivered quickly and clearly. As well as addressing the breadth of topics LeadershipQuantified Resources already cover, IWIN also includes content on:

  • HiPo (High Potential) organization-building, culture and individual talent targeting and recruitment

  • Micro-Influencer and other Social Marketing Strategies

  • Developing a Leadership Philosophy that's actionable, measurable and executable

  • 360 Degree Customer Interaction strategies

  • Productivity and Organizational Improvement - beyond Lean

  • Executive and Leadership Development for Career-Building and Side Hustle...

...and more.

team coaching guides

From team design, implementation and facilitation to building innovation...and more...the TEAM COACHING GUIDES provide the same step-by-step guidance as our other LeadershipQuantified Resources - all with immediate and ongoing measurable results.

...with more to come!