The Idea

At Leadership Quantified, we believe that solutions should be simple, measurable and, most importantly, repeatable.

We also know that: 

  • Given the right methodology, the majority of an organization's problems can be solved by the people within, and
  • Each individual at every level - employee or contractor - is now and will continue to be expected to develop and expand their own skills and talents.

The Solution

To that end, we have brought together diverse, world-class experts to provide easily executable solutions to complex problems - individual and organizational.

Each Leadership Quantified Resource is immediately implementable, self-managed, self-directed, measurable and repeatable - all in five to seven steps.

Leadership Quantified.

Customized solutions from world-class coaches and consultants without the high fees or time away from your business.

Knowing Which Resources are Right for You

The Leadership Quantified online Resources are available:

  • For All Levels: Targeted, topic-specific action-generating Resources giving you and/or your employees the tools needed to act now, and

  • For Managers, Executives and Business Owners: Giving you the right questions to ask and, based on the answers, the immediate actions to take to achieve the results you want now and over time.

The Resources address seven major topic areas - with many of the Resources fulfilling needs of more than one topic simultaneously. The topic areas are:

  • 360° Customer Interaction
  • Productivity
  • Women in Business
  • Innovation
  • Executive Development
  • Culture and Impact
  • Branding, Reputation and Visibility