Ricardo Flores-Clar

applied leadership / leadership development

Ricardo Flores-Clar believes in living a "life of purpose and joyfulness." What is that purpose? To live an “inspired life of love, faith, encouragement and service to others to enable them to live a purposeful and liberated life...a life of profound personal freedom, free from all limitations, a life of total abundance in all dimensions, absolute confidence, trust in the Divine and spiritual peace."

Ricardo brings that philosophy to everything he does - from his position as Director of Business Strategy and Planning at USAA to his activities as Founder of Profoundly Free, a fresh initiative with a mission to help liberate people from self-imposed limitations and thus live a life of profound personal freedom and service. His consulting services to CEOs and their teams have focused on helping them clarify their vision, mission, and core values, as well as designing and executing strategic plans in direct alignment with those goals.

Previously a Vice President of Global Expansion for Xenex Disinfection Services LLC, and Executive Vice President with Alliance Seating & Mobility and The SCOOTER Store, Ricardo has consistently served others by leading with clarity, compassion, accountability and encouragement. As Executive Vice President, he led Alliance Seating & Mobility, The SCOOTER Store's Complex Rehabilitation Division, to profitability for the first time in that Division’s history and then to continued and higher levels of profitability and growth than that Division had ever experienced or believe it could. In addition, Ricardo’s Division was widely characterized by having a strong Spirit of Service to their customers and each other, and the highest levels of employee purposefulness in and excitement for their work.

Ricardo also held numerous executive and leadership positions at Sony Semiconductor of America. As a leader in the Sony Management team, Ricardo served by leading breakthrough initiatives to radically improve productivity and effectiveness. Thanks to Ricardo’s servant-leadership style, his ability to inspire a shared vision and achieve business results, he was also assigned to lead a movement to take employee morale to the highest levels possible. He orchestrated special mission-connection and success celebration events, and also recognition systems for extraordinary achievements and the desired behaviors.

In addition, beginning in 2006 he took responsibility for organizing The SCOOTER Store Team to support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 5K Race for the Cure - as well as running in it himself. Ricardo has also taught GED preparation classes in Spanish to help Hispanics without a High School diploma have a better life.

Ricardo is an avid soccer fan - and shows it by coaching his daughter’s team, and manages and plays in an “Over 40” soccer league. Ricardo lives his life committed to being a channel of joyfulness and spirit.