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As LeadershipQuantified evolved, we knew that it wasn’t enough to operate to a “philosophy.” We wanted a thesis - much like investment firms devise to determine the best investments to drive their investment fund strategy and ensure they provide their investors the highest level ROI.

Like theirs, our thesis would act as both touchstone and driver for all our decisions. To remind us of our raison d’être and keep our focus on our stakeholders’ ROI.

And then we decided that we wanted it to be twelve words or less. (We like a challenge.) The LeadershipQuantified thesis is:

There is a New Corporate-Social Contract for Learning and Leader Development.

The underpinning of the thesis was easy: Corporate Social Responsibility as currently defined and executed is no longer enough. 

It started with good intentions. Unfortunately, CSR has morphed into being seen - if it’s seen at all - as a “Big Corporate” marketing / shareholder-satisfying ‘ploy’ and profit-driver. That public view extends to other well-intentioned corporate initiatives - from sustainability to diversity to community outreach.

Add to that the emergence of the “gig” or “shared” economy - where the central role that organizations played in keeping society in balance has diminished to such an extent that it is creating anger toward organizations - public and private; product and service; small, medium and large; local and global.

From social media call-outs to outright boycotts and shareholder activism, the relationship between organizations and the societies they serve is suffering.

What our thesis tells us is that the corporate-social relationship can be more than mended. It can be reversed through willing cooperation and understanding by both sides - and that will lead to more successful individuals, organizations and local and global societies.

In action, the LeadershipQuantified thesis has resulted in:

  • A proprietary methodology delivering immediate, measurable results to the enterprise while simultaneously guiding individuals in their growth and development as leaders

  • HR Support systems for our corporate customers individualizing talent development while targeting strategy execution and delivery

  • B2B Support systems including but not limited to:

    • Co-Branded Resources for talent recruitment and retention

    • Webinars and online support delivered by LQ Experts

    • Custom-designed, internally-delivered ‘cascaded’ training systems

    • LQ Community membership for Resource recipients

  • An exclusive, individually-invited group of executives, educators, coaches and consultants to be our Experts

  • A ground-breaking partnership with California State University, Long Beach that ensures a rigorous assessment and approval of our Resources for Digital Badge and Micro-Credential awards…

…and more - because we’re still growing. And that’s not going to stop.

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